Geraghty-Gibb Property Management Ltd is a local based specialist company who provide accurate advice and assistance to landlords of single occupancy and HMO properties in Aberdeen & the Aberdeenshire area.

Whether you have one HMO property or multiple properties Geraghty-Gibb is happy to help. We manage licence applications and remove the potential stress of owning HMO properties, which are regularly subject to change.  We regularly monitor changes in legislation and any resulting implications for HMO landlords. 

We deal with the entire process from application submission, erection of site notice through to completion of works and grant of licence.

As well as dealing with the appropriate Council Departments we can co-ordinate any works identified by the Council or Fire Service through our network of trusted and reliable tradesmen.

All HMO properties in Aberdeen must:

  • be registered and licenced with Aberdeen City Council HMO Department
  • have a Fire Risk Assessment in place 
  • be compliant with Fire and Safety Regulations 
  • adhere to legal legislation and have all relevant up-to-date certification in place

Our Services

Renewal of Licence

We offer a highly competitive licence renewal service, dealing with the entire renewal process from submission of the application and erection of the site notice through to completion of works and grant of licence.

Coordination of Works

Each property is different and different standards may apply, however with our links to local established trades any works identified by the Council and Fire Service at their inspections can be arranged and coordinated by us. We can obtain quotes and draw up a schedule of works required. Typically all HMO properties will require the installation of a fire alarm and detection system and the upgrade of certain doors to protect the means of escape within the property. We ensure that works are carried out as cost effectively as possible with minimum impact on the property.

Submission of Application

We can complete the application on your behalf and submit it to the Council.

Notice for Display

As soon as the application has been submitted to the Council, a Notice for Display requires to be posted outside the property informing the public of the application and how to submit objections to the local authority. It must be displayed in a public place so that it can be easily read by passers-by. If such objection is received then the local authority must copy it to the applicant and the person dealing with the application and notify them of any information they intend to take into consideration. The applicant is given the opportunity to comment in writing on any objections and other information and the authority may give the applicant an opportunity to be heard in person.

Licensing Committee Meetings

Decisions on licence applications are made by the licensing committee of the local authority or an officer with delegated powers. Geraghty-Gibb can respond to the objection in writing and, if necessary, attend any meetings on your behalf.
Compliance Certificate
Once the 21 days have passed we remove the Notice for Display and send a completed Compliance Certificate to the Council. It should contain the dates on which the notice was displayed.

HMO Officer Visit

We deal with Aberdeen City Council on a daily basis and have established a good working relationship with all the relevant departments as well as the HMO department staff based at Scottish Fire and Rescue.
On receipt of the application form an HMO officer from Aberdeen City Council will carry out an initial inspection of the property. We shall attend the property with the HMO officer and in most instances the HMO officer will identify maintenance issues required to bring the property up to the current HMO standard. Typical issues will include the adjustment of door closers, the renewal of bath and shower seals, any mould issues, housekeeping (including dilapidated furnishings) and removal of any portable heaters. This inspection does not include fire safety provision.

Fire Officer Visit

The HMO department will write to the fire service to let them know they have received an HMO application and the Scottish Fire & Rescue Services will contact us to arrange an initial inspection of the property. During the audit the enforcement officer may

  • Examine service and maintenance records for all fire safety equipment.
  • Witness a fire alarm test (to be carried out by a competent person).
  • Witness an emergency lighting test (to be carried out by a competent person).
  • Ensure that the means of escape are clear and unobstructed.
  • Ensure that the fire exit doors are readily available for use.
  • Ensure that fire resisting self closing doors operate and can close fully against the door stops.
  • Check that the fire exit signage is adequate.
  • Check that the fire fighting equipment is in place and is being serviced.
  • Check any other fire safety matters relevant to your premises.
  • • Request written engineers report for external escape routes.

Fire risk assessment

As part of the implementation of safety measures under Section 53 & 54 of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 a fire safety risk assessment is required to be carried out at the premises by a competent person.